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Account settings

Includes changing your email or password and deleting your account

Payments & Teams

Includes upgrade to a Premium subscription and card errors.

Guest list & Seating

Includes creating, managing and deleting guests and seatings


Includes guest status, group and partial check-in

Gift Log

Includes adding, editing and deleting cash or presents you received

Common Problems

Includes quick solutions to common problems

Tutorial Video Playlists

Account Settings

Payments & Teams

Guest List & Seating


Gift Log

Common Problems

Top Articles

How to remove guests in a group?

To remove guests in a group, follow these steps: Go to Guest List from the side menu and click on Guests from the navigation menu. Swipe to ...

How to add new guest?

Add a new wedding guest  Go to Guest List from the side menu to start curate guest list. Click on New from the navigation ...

How to add new guest into a group?

 Go to Guest List from the side menu to start curate guest list. Click on New from the navigation menu. Select an Invited By for the guest you want to ...