Payments & Teams

Includes upgrade to a Premium subscription and card errors.

  • Go Premium

Go premium or Upgrade trial to a premium account

 You can upgrade trial account to a premium account inside the wedding account homepage. It's only a one-time payment to sign up for a premium account. Start by logging into your wedding account and ...

  • purchase as gift

How to purchase as a wedding gift

You can purchase a premium account as a wedding gift for your friends or family members. Click on Add New Wedding from the side menu. Click on the GO PREMIUM button. Select a plan you ...

Supported payment method

Any of the following payment methods can be used to pay for purchases and plans. Credit or debit card Apple Pay Google Pay Grab Pay (Malaysia & Singapore) PayLah (Singapore) FPX (Malaysia) Alipay

  • Transactions

Managing your transaction history and receipts

 Managing your transaction and view all of your previous purchases and their respective invoices issued by from your User Profile. Go to your User Profile from the top of side menu and click ...

Why did I get a payment error?

If you are experiencing problems paying with a credit or debit card, try the following: Ensure that there are enough funds on the card. Check if we accept your card. We take Visa, Mastercard, American ...