As a professional event planner, after a long time event planning, you wouldn’t want to let a never-ending queue make an unpleasant experience for the event attendees. The check-in process when attendees arrive is the very first impression of your event, therefore it is very important to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

With a great deployment of event onsite technology and brilliant teamwork, it is not an impossible mission to achieve this crucial goal. We have rounded up 9 effective tips for enhancing your event check-in flow, which helps to deliver excellent guest experience as follows.

1. Send a Pre-Event Email with Check-In Details

Clear communication regarding the check-in process will be essential to ensuring a smooth experience. Send a Personalised email with attendee’s name, assign seats, and check-in QR code meanwhile remind attendees regarding the event details prior to the event.

To make sure attendees know accurately when and where to go, include key details such as check-in hours, guide them how to go to the check-in place, and anything they should bring with them. By providing this information in advance will ensure attendees come prepared and the event check-in process is as smooth as possible.

Don’t forget to attach a “how to check-in” guidance so that attendees are fully aware of what they need to do when they arrive.

2. Go Paperless and Touchless

In the present global covid-19 pandemic, an event check-in process with paper and pen is a really bad idea in terms of social distancing to prevent cross infections. Why to use a risky way to check-in attendees when we can choose a more effective way to cut down the possibility of infections

Moreover to the risk that may cause, more than anything this type of inefficient check-in process is a bad reflection of your event brand. You will want your attendees to feel that the event is well organised and appreciate you from taking care of their safety.

Creating an event check-in journey without any paper brings convenience and demonstrates your event commitment to social responsibility. From online event registration, pre-event reminder email to onsite check-in app for events, building a fully paperless experience can be quite easy.

3. Well-trained event crew

Event planning is not about one man show, it involves great teamwork and capability to organise. Apart from thoughtful event check-in flow planning, a team of well-trained event crew is also one of the key elements to a successful event.
Make some time to train your event crew on the check-in app, ensure they are familiar with the flow to assist attendees check-in. The training doesn’t have to be time-consuming, especially if you have chosen an easy-to-use app.

For instance thebigday composed a series of YouTube tutorial videos that can be shared with your event crew, it demonstrate the check-in flow and guide them to test the event check-in app step by steps.

Create a Safe Check-In Experience

4. Get the Right Event Check-In App

You might learn that there are a lot of simple and free to use check-in software if you google it. You should choose wisely according to your event type and requirement.

A cloud-based system that supports multiple devices with data synchronisation is ideal, so everyone is always up to date. Look for an event app that supports offline mode, which allows you to view guest details and check-in even if the device is not connected to the internet.

Additionally, the check-in app should allow you to set the access level for event crews. Therefore, they don’t have to worry about accidentally changing attendee’s data.

5. Use Self Check-In Kiosks

Self check-in kiosks provide a fully independent check-in experience without needing the assistance of onsite event staff, which is a great solution for speeding up the event check-ins. Attendees who have their QR codes and understand the process, can simply scan their QR code to find their seating information and check-in in a few seconds.

Furthermore, thebigday Guest Self Check-In came up with Intelligent fraud proofing systems to reduce event crew workload and avoid human mistakes, it can also help improve safety and security.

Be sure to make use of the self check-in kiosk cover page to demonstrate professional event images to enhance your event branding.

6. Integrate QR code Check-In

Time is our greatest asset, and your guests will definitely appreciate it if you help them save time. Create excellent onsite check-in experiences with integrated QR code, which enable attendees to scan check-in in seconds, and avoid long-line and long time waiting.

Attendees check-in through our unique guest QR codes which only can be accessed by invited guests, it helps enforce capacity limits and enables you to employ contact tracing at your event.

Integrate QR code check-in for your event can be very easy, by using thebigday event app, you are able to generate and send unique guest QR codes to event guests in app, and attendees simply present their guest QR code for the event crew to scan during onsite check-in.

7. Choose Check-In App that Recognises Names Keyword & Pinyin

Nobody likes their name to be misspelled, just the exact same feeling when the Starbucks crew misspelled your name on your to-go cup. At events, this is unacceptable. People find it annoying when they have to repeat their names over and over. When attendees name pronunciations are unfamiliar, asking attendees to repeat themselves can also bring unpleasant experiences.

thebigday event management app allows users to search attendees names with smart keywords and pinyin search. For example guest name “Peter Parker”, simply enter the keyword of “peter” to search, whereas enter “xinyi” or “hxy” to search for attendees with Chinese name “黃心怡”, without enter the exact full Chinese characters.

In addition to creating an amazing experience for elderly attendees who might not be familiar with QR code, event check-in apps with keyword & pinyin name search can be useful and friendly! It is as easy as using the search function in your mobile contact list.

Eventually, a great deployment of event onsite technology and brilliant teamwork not only speeds up the process of event check-in, it also improves event guest experience and leaves a positive brand image in the heart of attendees.

Flexible Team Collaboration

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