only charge one-time for a premium wedding account. If you received a double charge in your bill, here are things to check:

You may have more than one user account

If you received another charge for a premium wedding account, it might be possible that you have other accounts subscribed to premium wedding account.

This usually happens when you have signed up using different mobile numbers or through social media (eg: Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.). Log into each account one by one if you think you have other accounts.

If you believe the charge you received is incorrect after checking all the above, request a refund.

If you received a charge but you can’t locate the user account connected to it, reach out to us for help. Please be as detailed as possible in your request.

To help us find your account please include the following:

  • Invoice number or the actual invoice you received
  • Charged amount and date
  • User account that you may have used to sign up