Feeling nervous when your wedding date is getting closer? It’s better to plan your wedding invitation 3 months ahead of time, this is actually the harder one. But before you decide and send out the wedding invitation to all of your wedding guest, you need to think seriously who to invite and who you should include in your wedding guest list to prevent any unpleasant or awkward feelings.

Here are some guidelines about who you should add to your wedding guest list indicating how and why you should include these guest in your wedding guest list.


Your wedding day should be filled with guests who make you happy and are happy for you! Include someone who are beyond close family members, whom you can’t imagine getting married without. But if you’re no longer friendly with certain people from your past, don’t feel obliged to invite them to your wedding just because they invited you to theirs.


You wouldn’t want to exclude your immediate family on your wedding, as well as your closer aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Start with your closest relatives first, then work your way out until you reach a level you’re comfortable with. But remember the most important thing that you should invite wedding guest who will make you happy on your big day.


You should also include your coworkers in your wedding guest list. But remember, you should either invite everyone, or none at all. If you are actually friend with a few of your coworker, you see them socially and spend time with them outside of work, go ahead invite them. Another questions is Should you also invite your boss to your wedding? You should ask yourself will you feel comfortable and be able to relax and have fun on your wedding day with your boss in attendance? If yes then just go ahead to invite.


Never forget to ask your parents about inviting their guest to your wedding too. As parent they will definitely feel happy and proud to share their happiness to their friends, but I’m not saying you should invite everyone without any limits. Expand your guest list will increase the number of wedding guest, which also increase your wedding expenses respectively. To keep the peace, have a talk with your parents, make it clear and let them know exactly how many guest you can afford.

Just keep in mind once you decided your wedding guest list, to avoid massive paper work and missed delivery, it is better to make the invitation and RSVP online. Online invitation and RSVP make everything clear and convenient for you and your wedding guest. Check out our article on 5 reasons indicating why online RSVP is important for your wedding.

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