Great news! There is no more 250-pax limit on social events, the max number of participants will depend on the size of the event space and compliance of social distancing beginning July 15, said Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

Despite green light from the government, most couples are still worried about the uncertain situation and feel overwhelmed by stress on ensuring compliance with the wedding ceremonies SOPs.

According to the “SOP Am Pelaksanaan Majlis Social” published by the National Security Council (MKN),  there are guidelines and protocols for organizers and guests to refer when hosting social events and wedding ceremonies:

The organization of the wedding ceremonies is limited to only 3 to 5 hours, and organisers are required to register guests’ attendance. In addition, self-service buffets and blowing of candles during the event are not allowed.

Upon the arrival of guests, organizers are required to clearly indicate and mark the entry and exit way for guests, especially for open-air events venues such as a village or private house.

Equally important, a health screening counter must be set up at the entrance to ensure guests attendance, measure body temperature, and screening for symptoms of cough, sore throat, colds and shortness of breath. Guests with a body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius are not allowed to enter.

Moreover, organizers, staff, waiters and photographers are required to undergo health screening to ensure they don’t show symptoms of COVID-19. Officers at the health screening counter should also ensure that guests clean their hands with hand sanitizer and record the presence of guests.

While guests are waiting their turn at the screening counter, social distancing requirements of 1 meter must be observed. As well as organizers and guests are encouraged to wear face masks. Organizers to control the entrance and presence of participants entering the function space.

All event organizers must register guests for storage and records in case of infection. It is recommended to use a QR code scan through the MySejahtera application or other appropriate application. Additionally, the presence of guests from infants and children is not encouraged.

The venue or event space are required to perform cleaning and disinfection in accordance with MOH guidelines before and after events throughout the exterior and interior, chairs and guest tables, doorgift table, catering equipment, bridal table, toilet and any area, surface or appliances / goods which are often touched. As well as to ensure that the event venue is well ventilated.

Furthermore, any food preparation is either served, dome setting or buffet style supervised by waiters who are appointed by the organizer to scoop food to the guest’s plates. Arrangements between dining tables are at 2 meters, and chairs must adhere to social distancing requirements of at least 1 meter. Waiters must wear a face mask while serving food.

Similarly, photography sessions must take place with adherence to social distancing rules, one at a time and conducted by individuals appointed by the organizers, bridal couple or venue manager. Provision of an officer to control the flow of guests during the photography session.

As can be seen, the process of guest seat checking, check in and recording guest contact details can be a double job at the reception counter. Why don’t you use an compact system that can cover all this time consuming work during a wedding event? To comply with the new normal wedding SOPs, on top of guest check in, Thebigdays wedding app also released a new update to record guest mobile numbers during check in.

To activate the function, you can go to settings and tap on the Guest Mobile Number, and switch on the button to enable the guest mobile number record function. Eventually, you can assist your wedding guest to enter their mobile number during seat checking and check in to comply with the wedding SOPs.