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7 Most Popular Wedding Themes To Inspire You

When it comes to wedding planning, the very first big decision you will make is the wedding theme and style. A theme ties all the strands of your day together, to create a well-coordinated and stylish celebration. In other words, it can be one of the most difficult yet crucial tasks when planning a wedding. [...]

6 Signs You Are Marrying The Right Person

In our life journey, there are many choices and decisions we have to make. Our future is determined by the decisions we make, whether it is good or bad choices. Especially the biggest decisions in our life: say “Yes” and get married to someone. When you make this decision, meaning that you're willing to commit [...]

10 Things to Know Before You Hire Wedding Vendors

Marriage is one of your life's biggest decisions. When you say “Yes” to him, meaning that you already found the better half and are ready to get married. Despite all the promises and vows, the wedding event is a part of your life time memories as well. When holding each other’s hand, immerse in the [...]

5 Signs You Should Consider Hiring A Wedding Planner

We have seen some super efficient brides, who can manage and plan their own wedding very well. That was incredible but, having said that, they actually weren't fully immersed in their wedding day. As there are many small yet critical things they have to monitor and coordinate, it makes them feel exhausted. When it comes [...]

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10 Items To Include In Your Bridesmaids Gift

The bridesmaids are usually friends or sisters who accompany you throughout the wedding planning process. While they have been there for you from researching the wedding dresses, assisting your wedding reception guests check-in and listening to your complaints about your in-laws. You should definitely say “thank you” to them, in order to show your appreciation [...]