Making your wedding guest list can be a tedious work in wedding planning. For example, you have to draft out a list of guest name which you intended to invite them to your wedding ceremony or reception, send out every single invitation cards, arrange guest seating chart and a lot more. In other words, there are a lot of manual work that tiring and frustrating you from making a guest list, that will make you feel can’t help but stress out.

Here are 8 steps for the perfect wedding guest list management that you need, indicating that it’s time for you to take a better solution to manage your wedding guest and relax.

Step 1: Build Online RSVP Website

Firstly, create a personalised wedding online RSVP website with your favourite pre-wedding photos, invitation message and your love story which can make your wedding memorable.

Step 2: Invite Guest For RSVP

List down guests you would like to invite in a list. Invite them for RSVP which helps you collect and confirm your wedding guest attendance information.

Step 3: Blast Out Invitation QR Code

Blast unique QR code to all of your wedding guest which allow your wedding guest self check their seating information on your wedding day and provide seating chart guidance.

Step 4: Auto Consolidate Guest List

RSVP System auto consolidate all verified and confirmed guest attendance information in a place, make it super easy to monitor and verify all of your coming guest list.

Step 5: Sync Guest List To App

Download and install wedding management app to your mobile device, which enable you synchronise all of your guest information to your mobile for your wedding day guest attendance monitoring.

Step 6: Scan QR Code To Check-In

In addition, guide wedding guest scan their unique QR code to self check their seating information and get seating chart instantly. For this reason, wedding guest will get to know their seating information right away without long waiting time.

Step 7: Live Guest Attendance Insights

Furthermore, use the smart keyword search and pinyin search functions to find out guest seating information in the wedding attendance app. By looking at the guest check-in dashboard statistics you can get to know more about your guest live attendance information.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Wedding

In short, you deserved a memorable wedding! So don’t stress and let us help you better manage your wedding guest experience.

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