Every bride-to-be wish to make their wedding guest list well organised and easy to manage. But can you imaging how tough when manage a large guest list with more than 300 guests? Moreover, you are not able to familiar with every invited guests, since some of them are invited by your parents or your fiancé. Here is a guide indicating 7 tips for a stress-free wedding guest list that give you an idea on how to plan and manage your wedding guest list.

1. List Down Guest Full Name

The most important and crucial things when plan for your wedding guest list is list down your guest full name. Ask for your guest full name to show your respect, which can also avoid embarrassing mistake in wrong guest name.

2. Include Guest’s Other Name or Relationships

This is to help you in differentiate similar guest name. Include a nickname or how you address your guest, to help you recognise how exactly is the guest among a huge guest list.

3. Indicating Guest of Groom or Bride?

It’s really helpful in understand your guest structure, indicate they are guest of groom or bride in the guest list. Because it gives you a better view in get to know how many percent of guest are guest of groom or bride.

4. Group Guests Into Category

Furthermore, it will be great to group guests into categories, so it will be easier to plan guest seating chart. It can helps to plan guests seating with guests group or categories accordingly.

5. Note Down Guest Dietary

Including your guest dietary requirement make them feel cared and loved! Simply note down guest dietary requirement with vegetarian, halal, no beef and etc in your guest list to make sure you remember.

6. Take Care of Guest Special Requirement

Same as note down guest dietary requirement, if you could take care of guest special requirement they will definitely feel happy! Guest with baby will need a baby chair and some of the elder guest might need some special assistance, for instance.

7. Guest List In Table View

Get your guest list in table view is important, which give you a grand view in how exactly your guest seating in the venue floor plan, how many guest in a table and who are them.

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